Rent A Place

We turn apartment hunting into an exciting adventure. We invite you to be part of it.

Meet amazing people, not just roommates.


Visit many apartments.

Everyone on the expedition is looking for a flat not too far from school. During the six‑hour expedition, we will explore 15 furnished flats of different sizes and styles, within the vicinity of your campus.


Meet cool people.

Many students are in the same situation as you: looking for cool roommates to share a flat with. We'll make it easy for you to socialize during the expedition through various activities.


Discover the city.

Tastiest beers, most delicious burgers, trendiest pubs, we'll show you the most exciting places in town. We will help you familiarise yourself with the city by exploring different neighborhoods.

Local Advice

Learn from locals.

The local culture, language and customs may be foreign to you, but our guides grew up here and have plenty to share with you. Academic concerns? Don't worry, we too are university students.

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How It Works

The One-Day Rent A Place Expedition
You must first book your spot online.


After we properly explain to you how the expedition works, we take some time to socialize and break the ice.


Apartment Visits

This is the heart of the expedition. We drive you around the city and show you more than 15 different flats.


Rental Contract

Almost 90% find their new home and roommates the same day. We then sign the contract with the owner.


Move In

We try to make it possible for you to sleep in your new bed the same day. Sometimes, it may take a few days.



Congrats for finding your new home! Time to celebrate at the Rent A Place integration party.

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The Ideal Flat
You are a traveler and you deserve convenience, simplicity and ease of mind. That's what we offer.


We furnish

A bed, a desk, a dinning table and a couch are the essentials. You wont sleep on the floor unless you want to.


Electricity, gas, water

Your monthly service bills are taken care of by the owner. They are included in the rent for convenience.


Close to school

Why drive if you can walk. We select rental options that are located within walking distance from your campus.


4, 8 and 12-months

Whether you're there for a semester or for a year, find a rental agreement that meets your desired stay duration.

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Rent A Place

Creativity and fun
are living fundamentals for us.

Our purpose is to help you find a place you can call home, not just an apartment or a room. We want you to meet people that will change your life, not just roommates. Just like you, we're pleasure seekers and adventurous travelers and we want to share our passion with you.


To be honest, I totally recommend Rent A Place. It took us literally one day to find an appartment, while other people take up to a week.
– Matt, Germany
I'm really satisfied with all services offered. Staff was excellent and good options are showed during the tour. Also very original service.
– Lucas, Brasil
During the expedition, I met people who are now my friends. The staff is very nice and helpful. They told me a lot of things I needed to know for my stay.
– Marlyn, Laos
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