Hi, I go by my middle name, Faizah! Raised in South America, I am an American-born Canadian Bengali girl in my 3rd year of my Bachelor of Economics at Carleton University. Philanthropic work, traveling, marketing, science, astrology, spirituality, world history, and the arts are just some of my many interests. I don't drink, although I seriously don't mind others doing so around me! I don't care for parties unless I'm on travels with good company due to the fact that aesthetics and atmosphere matter a lot to me, hence I can assure you that I am incredibly clean and organized! Especially given how full I like to keep my plate, I am forever multitasking on projects and initiatives outside of my classwork that have a lot to do with international affairs, philanthropy or diplomacy. I'm an Aquarius-Capricorn cusp, for which its description happens to be in par with my friendly, ambitious, grounded, easy-going, loyal, honest, imaginative, creative, and curious ways! :~}

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