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avail Jul 23 
York · Private room 2
in 4-bdr House · 1 bath · $ 585
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Lima · Private room 1
in 6-bdr House · 2 baths · $ 800
avail Aug 31 
Lumber C · Private room 2
in 3-bdr House · 1 bath · $ 650
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Aurora · Private room 4
in 6-bdr House · 2 baths · $ 775

We are your eyes in Ottawa

We meet with local landlords, weed-out the bad apples and inspect hundreds of apartments on your behalf.

Step 1 Apply

Explore hundreds of verified rental options online. Choose the one you like and apply in under 5 minutes.

Wait 24 to 36 hours for the landlord to review your profile.

Step 2 Confirm

If your booking is accepted, your payment will go through and we will connect you with the landlord.

Schedule a visit (optional) and sign your lease online.

Step 3 Move-in

Depending on the refund policy of your booking, you may cancel up to 7 days after it’s been accepted.

Wait 24 to 36 hours for the landlord to review your profile.
Schedule a visit (optional) and sign your lease online.

What is a verified property?

Every property on our website has been inspected and photographed by one of our agents. This doesn’t mean that it’s pristine or luxurious; Verified simply means that we did our best to disclose any element of risk that could negatively affect your stay. It means transparency!


During each property inspection, the agent collects and discloses as many details as possible, even the bad ones!


We validate the identity of landlords during the inspection and we contact their previous tenants for references.


Get a good feel for it! Thanks to 360° technology and HD photos allowing you to walk through your new home digitally.


Every booking is assigned to an agent who calls you shortly after you apply to answer any question in one-on-one.


Any doubt or emergency? Don’t wait 2 days before getting a reply. Our agents respond within hours, if not minutes.


Don’t spend hours organizing showings in person. Exploring our entire portfolio digitally will take you just a few minutes.

Pay After

Any payment you pre-authorize won't be processed until the landlord accepts your booking. No confirmation, no charge.

Flexible Cancellation

After booking an option, you may visit it in person before its refund policy expires. Not happy? Get 100% refund of the rent deposit.

Check-in Protection

You have until 48 hours after you move-in to conduct your personal inspection. Only then is your payment released to the landlord.

What sort of home would you like to live in ?

Many of the landlords we serve offer more than just a roof. Home is a place where you can feel safe and comfortable. How would you define your comfort?

  • Well-maintained, bright and clean
  • Easily acessible by transit
  • Furnished with essentials
  • Utilities included in pricing

Landlord or property manager ? Save time by digitizing your rental business. No more showings. No more rent chasing.

Why landlords and tenants choose us

Vincent Concord • Room 3
Professional from France
18 Dec 2018
What I really liked is that they were so honest and transparent over the phone. The agent reviewed the booking with me over the phone and answered all my questions and even pointed out....
Soraya Mamba • Room 1
Student from France
10 Nov 2018
Hi I used Rent a Place to book a house with my friends because we are coming to Canada in few months and thanks to the quality of the service, our case has treated fast ! The speed of reaction....
Rupali Mamba • Room 2
Intern from Canada
19 Oct 2018
Rent a Place made the whole process of finding a place a lot easier. The staff was helpful and always answered my questions in a short time frame, whether it be by phone or email. The virtual tour of the house....
Student from France
6 Dec 2017
As soon as I arrived in the accommodation, I really felt like at home, in a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. It was really easy to accommodate myself with the environment. The neighbourhood is safe, calm and really....
Student from Brazil
9 Dec 2017
My experience in the house is being really cool. The place is located right next to uOttawa and consequently close to downtown. The conviviality with my roommates has been very good. Ottawa is a really cozy city and I'm enjoying to be here.
Professional from Germany
16 Oct 2018
My Girlfriend and I are currently experiencing live and work in Canada as part of the International Experience Canada (Work & Travel). On our search for a place to stay in Ottawa, we quickly encountered multiple....

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