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Rent a place works well, I would like to see unfurnished options in the future, but if you're serious about an apartment they reply very quickly and call to make sure everything is ok. I haven't moved in though yet- but so far the application is very smooth.

Claire about room Lumber · Room 3 10 days ago.
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Everything went well. It was very easy to find something I was interested in. The communication was also very good.

Emelyne about room Light · Room 2 1 month ago.

For the most parts it was fine however there were a few issues with the place.

3. I have been going back and forth with my landlady for the last 2.5 months trying to get rent receipts for my tax paper work but she refuses to send any and now is straight up refusing to give them to me as I've moved out.

2. While I get that the place on the cheaper end, there were broke things though out the place (outlets, the leaking fridge, busted toilet seat, missing/busted closet door, kitchen draws almost falling apart, ect) which the landlady knew about and said she would fix but never did.

3. the landlady stole my roommate's mini fridge, saying it was compensation for moving my roommate's stuff out on April 25th even though my roommate did not agree to this and the lease hadn't ended. The roommate did eventually get it back after a few hours by calling the cops as the landlady wouldn't answer her.

Kelly about room Apple · Room 2 2 months ago.