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Mario was very accommodating and responsive. The place only got more furnished the longer I stayed.

Nigel about room Ruby 2 · Room 1 10 months ago.

Terrible. Traumatizing is probably the word I would use for the apartment I received and the treatment I received from the landlord. No locks on windows of a basement apartment, refused to change them when you could pop them out of the seal, wouldn't come and fix the heat, absolutely no security. Things went missing from my apartment regularly and the landlord never changed the lock from previous tenants. I was petrified to live there.

Amber about room Mamba 3 · Entire apartment 11 months ago.

My partner and I are very happy with Rentaplacenow.

A year ago we rented an apartment through this service before coming to Canada. Isabella and Max were super helpful and willing to work with us and find solutions for unusual situations. They did not pressure us into making any decisions and were very nice in general.

The apartment itself was pretty much identical to what we saw in the pictures and what we were told, no significant discrepancies.

I hope Rentaplacenow will keep growing! Thank you!

Natalia about room Aero · Entire apartment 12 months ago.