Hi !

I'm Rebecca, a small girl from Quebec City looking for a room. I speak French, so I am sorry if I do any mistakes.

I was living by myself last year in a basement. That was okay, but I left for a couple of reasons. I didnt have a parking (wasnt allowed to park on street either, that was a big issue). So, I'll pay the extra to have a parking.

I am a very good student (GPA 9.5). I'm serious, mature and responsable. Living by myself last year made me understand that I need a very clean space. I dont really like drinking and going out. I actually dont have friends to do it, lol.

I'd be there 1 weekend on 2. My boyfriend lives in Montreal. He may come (if it's okay with you) one weekend on 2 too.

I'll be the one paying, but my dad is always there if needed.

I used to play sports (Soccer). I was in uottawa's rowing team last year. Right now, I just like going to the gym. I actually work in one.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Have a wonderful day


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