Information about Rent A Place

How it works

How it Works

1. Browse

through hundreds of listings for a furnished room available in a flatshare near your university.

2. Choose

a room in a flatshare that suits you best.

3. Book

your room online in 5 minutes.  
Your booking request will be accepted or declined by a local landlord within 48 hours.
Your credit card will only be charged if your request is approved.
Rent a Place booking fee will also have to be paid in a separate transaction.

4. Receive

a confirmation email with the exact location of your new home.
Important information.
Further instructions on how and when to check-in.

5. Check-in

your new home, meet your roommates and discover the city! 
The charged amount to your credit card will be released to the landlord's account 48 hours after check-in.
Sign lease.